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Traditional Prescription

New prescriptions

We accept electronic and paper prescriptions.

With electronic prescriptions, we ensure that your medications are ready for delivery to your home or for pick up at the pharmacy before you leave your physician's office.

With paper prescriptions, you are guaranteed a prompt filling of your prescriptions as soon as you hit the door of our pharmacy.

Transfer prescriptions

We make it easy to transfer your prescriptions in or out of crossroad pharmacy by providing a 24 hours/7days transfer service. So, wherever you may be, you can be reassured that you will not miss a dose of your medication.


You can refill your prescription online or by calling us at 972-442-4277. In addition, with your approval, we can enroll you in our auto-refill program that will prompt us to refill your medications when they are due. You can be reassured that even if you are enrolled in our auto-refill program, we will contact you before refilling your medications.